Sunday, October 8, 2017

Living an Eco-Positive Lifestyle

Top 5 Tips for Living an 

Eco-Positive Lifestyle

What do you think of when you hear eco-positive? Probably recycling, sustainable farming, and buying local. Yes? You wouldn’t be alone; most people think of readily available lifestyle choices including organic food, clothing and natural cleaning products. Fortunately, organic options are all around us and have so many benefits. One of the most universally understood benefits is how much healthier eating organic food is for us. Getting rid of toxic pesticides and chemicals in our refrigerators helps us live longer, happier and healthier lives. 

Just as important as the food we eat, are the products we touch and breathe in our homes every day. Choosing eco-positive options whenever possible refocuses our attention to the long-term needs of our children and our grandchildren, rather than the short-term perks gained by corporations profiting from using cheap chemical alternatives.

Here are 5 things you and your family can do to live 
a more eco-positive lifestyle.

1.      Understand Labels and Marketing

Shop with companies who go out of their way to create a sustainable lifestyle and provide only the safest products for you and your family.  

2.      Choose Non-Toxic Furnishings for your home and office

Often overlooked, furnishings can be quite detrimental to our health. Most of our days are spent in the home or office. Most furniture contains formaldehyde, petroleum and other chemicals that can off-gas for years. Hmmm. Not good! There are a handful of companies that specialize in building clean furniture – mostly with limited sizes, colors, and shapes. After reviewing all of them, Robert Craymer Life stands out. What sets them apart is that RC Life creates eco-positive furnishings in ANY design you imagine, ANY material you desire, with NO chemical fire retardants. Robert Craymer genuinely cares about your need for clean furniture, and your desire for specific design elements.

3.      Rid your Home of Chemical Cleaners

Many cleaning supplies are filled with phosphates and phthalates, which are known links to carcinogens. And much worse, those bubbly products are washed down our drains into our water supplies and waterways every day.

4.      Build a Garden

Consider growing some of your own food. Not only does it cut the cost on your favorite vegetables, but it can be a fun hobby for the whole family. Many people find it stress-relieving and rewarding, too!

5.      Shop Local to Cook at Home

Whenever you can, shop local and cook at home. It keeps people providing organic food in business and allows you to help your local community. There is nothing quite like perusing your local farmers market! Preparing meals in the comfort of your own home ensures the quality you are putting in you and your family’s body. Cooking at home also sets the standard of health for everyone in your home.

We would love to hear from you! What simple changes have you made to create an eco-positive lifestyle?

Written by: Kristy Hochberg

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