Thursday, December 31, 2009

"The Back Stage"

Robert Craymer is wishing all his friends, colleges and customers A Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!
As the 2009 is almost over, only a few hours are left to finish all the deeds in 2009 and start a new happy and thrive life in 2010. Leave all the sadness in the past. Be alive!!! Be Present, Be Wise, Listen and truly Smile!
Robert Craymer is showing some of the skeletons of his showroom life! Here is the renovation process! As we have already announced, Robert has six million board feet in reclaimed wood! He likes his new flooring!!! And it is only the great beginning!
Stay with RC Green to see more!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Manhanttan Sectional

The upcoming 2010 year Robert Craymer will be focusing on his new lines. We proudly present the Emerald Green Line. This is the first pick - The Manhattan Sectional. This line will be exclusively in reclaimed wood.

To live life at its fullest is to appreciate the tiniest things that life has to offer.
Be Present, Be Wise, Listen and truly Smile!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Robert Craymer is breaking into the Russian Market

Robert Craymer is breaking into the Russian Market. He is taking RC Green Room TV show to Russia!
Approximately in the middle of summer he is planning a tour to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod. He is visiting Russian recycling plants and discussing sustainability. He will be educating russian audiences about sustainable design and green living.
He was also been asked to design a restaurant with a two hundred year old reclaimed wood in the downtown of Moscow.

Robert Craymer visited the Diary Farm

Robert Craymer just visited the Diary Farm in Le Sueur, MN
He can't help but looking for a new sustainable alternatives.
Robert Craymer was invited to see how sustainability is achieved in the farm. He says "Incredible experience to see how it really works. Basically, the common men see only the yogurt or milk packages, and he has no idea what is the input to make an organic product. It is not just about manufacturing, it is the whole process of being involved and commit yourself. The very first stage of raising a cow, feeding it, getting milk and, finally, produce all those products that you can buy on the market, that what it is."

The Newest Design of the Reclaimed Bed

The design is recognized by its clean lines and fine work. The headboard counts the stream strings of bars. It seems like the bed is flowing in the air. Robert Craymer comments "We just launched the design, but it has already been praised with the audience approval. It is available in Queen, King, Full sizes and the variety of wood it can be made of is endless. We prefer reclaimed oak." The matching night stands is the perfect selection for the bedroom set. Feel the breath of the wood and nature itself.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Robert Craymer announces a Green Poker Table

Robert Craymer announces his Green Poker Table
It is made out of 100% recycled materials. The recycled leather bounds the edge of the table. It is absolutely gorgeous and worth to be high rated as an exclusive piece in gambling industry.If the temptation is too big to resist playing cards, please, win your fortune at Roberts Craymer's pocker table. 100% recycled plus 100% luck! For more details visit the showroom at 300 S La Brea Ave, LA, CA 90036

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kitchen design is now available at RC GREEN

Kitchen is the best place for gathering in the house. Imagine, Sunday mornings, when all the family is having breakfast! Coffee, corn flakes, bacon, eggs - mmmmm!Or, evening parties, when hosts are still preparing appetizers and everybody are chatting with the glass of wine around the counter! Or rushing mornings, cooking breakfast for kids! Or, you know, it is infinity list of happiness in the kitchen.
Robert Craymer's design will create kitchen specifically for your needs. It will be absolutely unique, what is more it will be healthy for you, your kids and the environment on the whole.
Robert Craymer's Design cares about your well being!
See you in the showroom at 300 S la Brea Ave, LA, CA 90036

Hello Everyone
A lot of renovations are coming, and I am pleased to present them.
Thank you for being all this time with me!
Please check my redesigned showroom at 300 S La Brea Ave, LA, Ca 90036

Thursday, December 10, 2009



Robert Reclaimed- Eco-Friendlier

Since 2005 Robert Craymer has been on the the United States’ leading eco-friendly designers when he was first asked to create an eco-friendly lounge for a movie premiere. It required lots of research including a search for sustainable, natural, recycled, organic and other “green” products. Now says Robert Craymer “I am passionate about buying sustainable [and] creating an organic lifestyle for people.”

His latest innovation is Robert Reclaimed - an initiative and a commitment to take the sometimes tacky world of recycling and elevate it to high design by using reclaimed wood in his new furniture designs

“I’m very excited about the possibilities of Robert Reclaimed” says Robert Craymer. “It’s not just the sustainability,”he continues “this wood is simply beautiful and I”m thrilled to be able to take this wonderful wood and bring it back to the market with a whole new look.”

Low Emission Cars by Robert Craymer

Robert Craymer is proud to announce he has developed the ability to green the interior of old and new cars! That means your old vehicle can be redone green. Also Robert is working on putting the ability to transform old SUV to electric engines. Yes, he has been working on this for months. Imagine, taking an old SUV and making it electric and Greening the interior.
The passion to greening the cars has taken him over. He has even switched his custom made brand car to Ford Bronco. His example is to breathe the new life into the old cars which could be as pathetic and luxuries as the new one. What is more there is no harm anymore to the environment with the reliable old “friend” as Bronco. Remember your youth, drive the huge American Car! We always keep our dear memories somewhere in the far corner of the mind, here is the time to reveal the hidden thoughts and be behind the wheel of the car you love. With the help of Robert’s invention, it is possible to safely drive and don’t worry about the emissions or gas. Just plug it when you get home.
The Interiors are fabulous, your friend will be jealous if he sees you driving it. Once you get into the car, you won’t want to get out. Organic fabrics, that the seats and interior are upholstered with, will warm you up. No more days when you can “burn” your pants, as the seats are too hot, or when you can’t breath the air in, after your car stayed all day long under the sun. Robert has made it for you to be comfortable in the vehicle. Thank you, Robert. For more details, visit his showroom at 300 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, Ca, 90036.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sat today

Robert Reclaimed

Robert is proud to announce the new line of furniture "ROBERT RECLAIMED" that he is designing for New Year and upcoming events and shows 2010. He will be using nothing but reclaimed wood. He has 6mln reclaimed wood board facilities.