Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Great Day to be Alive

Here we go! Last Sunday afternoon, the World Fest 2010 on the Lake Balboa! Great spot to meet green companies and green consumers. Hundreds of tents advertising their green services or products. Lots of healthy food. Live music. While some people just spent their time enjoying the fresh air and food, some were really interested in finding new levels of sustainability. A big audience gathered in the Eco Booth of Robert Craymer.
Robert was passionate speaking about sustainability, how to go green, about green products and how to avoid green washing. The audience listened to him with great attention as he always reveals some new facts. Every time Robert's speeches are full of valuable info for green consumers. He thoroughly inspects the green market and finds new alternatives. Be connected to Robert Craymer on facebook and tweeter, find about his new speaking events and stayupdated.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robert Craymer speaks about RC GREEN TREE at the World Festival 2010

WorldFest is a solar-powered celebration of the environment and humanity. It is aimed to help people learn what they can do for the Earth and its inhabitants.
Robert has created a two part speaking platform. The WorldFest 2010 Earth Day Festival will be held at the beautiful outdoor setting of Woodley Park in Lake Balboa, CA.
Part one is about how to go green and an in-depth and frank discussion regarding the best way to spend your ‘green’ dollar.
Part two is about RC GREEN TREE. The RC Green Tree came to Robert in a dream. The leaves on the tree represent the thoughts of people who want to do something more than talk about saving the planet. People often want to help, but most don’t know how to begin. Simply go to and click on a ‘leaf’. This leads to environmentally sound companies, where goods and services can be purchased that will not impact our fragile planet.
Robert Craymer is very excited to have your company become a leaf on the ‘RCGreenTree of Sustainability'! Together, we can look forward to many years of mutual growth and success.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Renovations in RC GREEN SHOWROOM

RC GREEN Showroom is turning into the coolest place. It is not about the showroom anymore, it is becoming a beautiful lounge. Everything that you need for your living can be found here. Kitchen, bathroom, flooring, tile, bedrooms, sofas and tables... and what is more an additional bonus - eco design services. It is a relaxing place where you will be helped to put your living space together.

RC GREEN Tuxedo Chairs

RC GREEN has just finish the furniture project in one of the Hollywod Hills Houses.