Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Argentina Dining Room Set by Robert Craymer of RC GREEN

There is nothing left that the person has not done, achieved or invented. We all can see the example of beautiful crafting of the past. A man keeps old ideas, images of art pieces and fascinating scenes in his mind and then modifies and improves them. That is how design mind works. It can be named a jolt of ideas. You see something, and you carry something new out of the old. It grows into the endless chain of ideas.
The New Refining Division of RC GREEN is practically breath a new life in the old upgrading and improving it. Robert Craymer of RC GREEN uses reclaimed wood for building his new designs. Recently he came up with a new design - The Argentina Dining Room Table. Recalling the medieval time of castles and knights the dining set is modern and brand new. This dining table and chairs are made out of reclaimed solid wood pieces and finished with a couple of wax coats only. Robert Cryamer considers wax a great choice for wood finishing.
What RC GREEN is careful about is the quality of the treating materials. Robert preserves the nature of the wood and finishes it only with natural oils or wax. There is a Big No to chemical sealers and lacquers. Those techniques kill the nature of the wood and stops it from breathing, what is more they evaporate unhealthy particles in the air.
RC GREEN's fine works could be seen in the showroom located at
300 S La Brea Ave, LA, CA 90036

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Seminal Designer Robert Craymer has out done himself. The Reclaimed Suite will be the first of its kind lounge completely designed using all recycled and reclaimed material.

Robert Craymer is creating a Reclaimed Oscar Suite. Designing the first ever green suit and creating a green lounge for major Hollywood events has lead Robert Craymer to out due himself. A reclaimed suite. What is a reclaimed suite? Robert Craymer explains that all the woods, all the materials used will be reused and reclaimed. This will be a first in the green community. Wow, what a concept! "Yes, you can take old furniture, knock it down and reconstruct it into a beautiful design,"says Robert. His passion is overwhelming, when he talks about the design of this beautiful suite, then he pauses, gently looks and talks about his family a moment with the same passion and love. You can see where this man gets his passion from. "A gift is given to you from god," Craymer says, "but hard work you must find deep inside yourself." He smiles, then he is gone again describing his lounge and the look. It sounds incredible and exciting. What a mind! Freedom is found in the places you can go, where others cannot.

The Oscars, the biggest and glitziest award week of the year, is about to hit Hollywood. And Robert Craymer is about to hit the pre-Oscar events. The time before the ceremony is spent in the busiest preparations. Priceless garments are sewed by couturiers. The scene is about to be set up. The speeches for show presenters and many others have been written already and are being learned. Annual Pre-Oscar parties are about to host the nominees and actors
. Mean time Robert Craymer is getting more and more excited completing the final step of his preparation for the Reclaimed Suite arrangement. The custom made reclaimed pieces of furniture have been put in production. Robert Craymer is looking forward to delight the attendants. He is making the statement that this first time ever the whole suite is going to be out of reclaimed wood and reusable materials. He considers it is to be important to aware the actors of the green possibilities. With their example of living green, people can follow the lead and start living green and appreciate the environment.

Robert Craymer's the beauty of simplicity has now achieved a level of design not matched anywhere on the level of sustainability. So there is no more hard taking decisions of design vs sustainability. Robert Craymer has been creating the wholeness style and movement, where beauty can't go without green credential.
Stay connected with Robert Craymer to know up to day info on what he is doing. Connect him on Facebook and Tweeter or visit his website
The showroom location where everybody is welcome
300 S La Brea
Los Angeles Ca 90036

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robert Craymer and Rcgreen at the 2010 Oscars

The first green lounge of 2010 that Robert Craymer will be doing is the Oscars. It has already become a tradition that Robert Craymer of Rcgreen creates a green gift suites for such events as the Emmys, the Oscars, the Golden Globe, using his hottest designs. The combination of environmental safe guards and design beauty enable Robert Craymer to continue his hold on the green world design.
This year Robert Craymer has considered The Oscar's Red Carpet
Event as the start point for 2010.
Robert Craymer promotes the trend, and he is the trend. As he recently said " Whatever I say or don't say, whatever I do or don't do, whatever I be or don't be, it's all ok".
Citing Robert "An artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work" it is clear that his creations are exceptional. The gift suite for the red carpet event will be arranged by the talented Robert Craymer and will become the hot spot of the occasion. Robert Craymer will be hosting the Oscar's nominees at the arranged green lounge chatting, joking and explaining about being green.
He keeps secret what he is going to design, but it will be absolutely gorgeous as it has always been. We never know which lounge Robert Craymer will participate in, stay connected with Robert Craymer on Facebook and twitter and you will have the most updated info on his schedule.
we will all be informed what lounge Robert will be designing ....Stay close....Its a great day to be alive...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"The New Reupholstery Division" by Robert Craymer

Robert Craymer is proud to announce that he is opening the Re-upholstery Division.
This new part of RC GREEN company will renovate and bring to right the old vintage antique furniture that you love.

Robert Craymer considers that re-upholstery is one of the concepts of living green. He knows that some people are so attached to their beloved couch that they can not just get rid of it, although the look of it is not pretty anymore. What is more others are just passionate to go to the flee markets and pick some curious pieces of furniture. Responding to this consumer demand Robert Craymer offers the solution in his own green way. He will reanimate the old shabby sofas and bring them to the highest aesthetic look. The freshly updated piece will also meet the environmental standards.

The main idea is to make the old piece fully sustainable. Using old frames eliminates from shrinking the forests. Foam and other toxic materials will be replaced with natura, pure, non-toxic cotton, wool or hemp. The piece will be reupholstered with organic fabrics that you choose. As a result you will get a brand new piece that have the look and feeling you like, but it is new and environmentally friendly now.

For any additional information please contact RC GREEN



Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Babylon Sectional of the Cashmere Line

A beautiful Babylon sectional designed by RC GREEN is created specifically for the Cashmere Line. Picking up sustainable furniture for your home is a smart investment. RC Green's Cashmere line gives you a warm feeling of sustainability and an ultimate design. Robert Craymer keeps updating his collection with new ideas such as Babylon Sectional. Living green and taking care of your home environment doesn't mean putting off aesthetic concerns. RC GREEN has created a unique blend of clean beauty in the Babylon style.
It is paramount that pieces of furniture in your abode do not contaminate, toxins and chemicals that are commonly used for manufacturing may wreak havoc on your well being. With RC GREEN line you will make sure that you keep your sanctuary safe. Fabrics are treated only with natural stains, wood frames are built out of reclaimed wood that was milled perfectly and treated with natural oil. Only organic feather, cotton, wool or hemp are used for cushions, pillows and seats. Robert Craymer of RC GREEN makes a commitment of using only natural and environmentally friendly materials for everything he creates. As he knows that its the best impact on the healthier future.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Babylon Chase of the Cashmere Line

RCGreen is proud to present the new creation of the Cashmere line.
The beautiful comfy chase is essential for the living and the perfect place to cuddle up with a laptop or a book.The Babylon Chase features clean lines and extremely cozy feeling. It is made out of organic feather and cotton. RC Green is using only reclaimed wood for its furniture lines. Fabric is the option for the customer. RC Green chose bamboo fabric in green color.