Friday, June 8, 2012

Dilemma...what is better safety or health

Here is the dilemma whether to comply fire safety regulations or think about your health and how fire retardant chemicals affect your body.RC GREEN gives YOU these options to make up your mind. We are acknowledging you about unpredictable severe outcome that this toxin can cause. If it is not about us then at least think about our children. They are still too fragile to fight with the toxic polluted world and it our grown up responsibility to protect them and design best environmental conditions. Pioneering in the green world, we of course offer fire retardant free furniture. Poisoning fumes of fire retardants infuse your body with toxins and the only way to protect yourself is to choose healthy leaving and healthy environment that RC Green facilitate offers. There are several options of clean non toxic furniture at RC GREEN, what is more, Robert Craymer has come up with the natural supplement BMH that will help to boost your energy and natural body resources and transfer your life into a different healthy prospective of living. Thus you will have the urge not only to change yourself but the people you love!

Manufacturing stages

Manufacturing Stages:1st Stage - building a frame. It is the core of the sofa like we have the spine and bones. It is important to choose strong lumber, not chemically treated, certified so there is no deforestation. This frame is done so well that it can last through generation. That's how precise we made our furniture.