Monday, August 13, 2007

About Robert Craymer

The Beginning of my Blog

As I attend more events and share my story with others, I have noticed I have been a part of a journey much greater than myself. I have been blessed with the ability to reinvent my life and career in the direction to help, and to add positive impacts in the world. In doing so, I have been blessed with a beautiful wife, a wonderful son, and a growing number of people who care about our world and how we live.

I have heard and seen the tears of many individuals who care so much about their personal beliefs and passion; from a musician singing a song of help to a poet reciting words of hope. Making a difference is a personal journey, and believe me when I say this: It is a journey that will bring a smile to your soul and warmth to your life.

The other day I started a t shirt line for kids. The front of the shirt says “I make a difference”. I told my little boy that he can make a difference. He did not understand it at first, and then I noticed him being so kind to our pet dog Daisy. I told him he was making a difference and now he understands.

I met a man who believes we should all plant a seed. The most beautiful trees ever planted by man began with a single seed, mostly because of personal, heart felt beliefs. That urge in our hearts comes from people of all race, color, and direction in life. That belief has turned the seeds into a global forest. Within these many leaves that have fallen, a single seed has grown into a tree of consciousness, and that is the RC green tree. All the branches connecting the leaves to the fruits have one connecting point and belief: The Bettering of a global tomorrow.

Small actions and steps enrich the soil, enabling the root to be strong and solid…producing healthier leaves, which will then grow larger and more dynamic until it is one global conscious tree. This is the direction the human race must head.

So as I start my first blog, I have decided it is not about how green this or how green that something is. It is about us, our daily lives, and the people we meet. It is about the story. This is what I want to hear, and this is what I am going to give to you in return. I will tell you about my daily meetings with the helpful, the caring, the events with the courageous and the famous. In return, tell me about your daily quest in bettering yourselves. We all make a difference.

All stories are welcome, so please let’s all enjoy this and see where this can go.
Enjoy my blog.

Robert Craymer