Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New sustainable designs are on the way

Interesting thing it is to design the place for a young single man. There are friends coming over, a little bit of fun and parties on weekends along with the romantic dinners and all night movie time. However we should not forget about young man's career ambitions and desire for a cozy home atmosphere.

Challenging the problem of the small space, we came up with a new approach and minimal expenses. The sliding doors of closets that probably everybody one has in the renting apartment were taken off. It was a minimal deconstruction effort. Precisely measuring the opening we have designed the shelf unit and the bar that just fit in easily. Sliding it in, it is so easy to install. There is no sign left that there was the closet.
The color pallet is greys and couple tones of dark wood. We chose alder as it is strong, it is coming from reforested plantation and it has beautiful grains.

Patterned chair in the corner is a slight accent to bring the solid colors together.