Saturday, November 27, 2010

RC Green Reclaims houses

The new project of RC GREEN is a beautiful house on the beach. RC GREEN reclaims it and turn it into a healthy living.
The wood that we hand picked is coming from an old barn in Ohio. There is something about this that makes it so special. You are walking with your bear foot on the wood with a hundred year old history. There is multiple places where the wood is coming from, yet rc green is picking the location. We chose the oak beams from Ohio because it is the owners birthplace. We thought it would be extremely exciting to bring the piece of home from Ohio to California.
We designed the floor out of 5" and 3" boards. This random look brings in the warm atmosphere. On the other hand we decided to cool this look down with the variation of gray hues. We found this a perfect combination of warm and cold, conventional and not ordinary, oldie and brand new.
RC GREEN is proud to announce that reclaimed floors are available in different types like douglas fir, oak, cherry, pine, mahogany. Also different sizes of boards are available. We are able to choose the level of roughness, old look and cleanness. We have our own division of professional installers. For any questions please contact RC GREEN at 323 933 6499 or email us at