Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robert Craymer of RC GREEN: The Beauty of Simplicity. Single Fathers - We have Arrived

Robert Craymer of RC GREEN releases his series on the beauty of simplicity. Designing for a single father. Room by room designs that captivate the essence of a single man.
As a new single father we have not fully realized, where our lives have taking us. Our homes usually were designed by our wives. Now we are single, we need to start thinking about our own living space. What can we do with color, layout and furniture. It's going to be our home, our domain, ours and our kids' security. What I have found from my many years of designing is that it's totally different to create a space for a single father, who is lost and confused. Sometimes a man just wants his new space to feel like his old space. Sometimes he wants nothing like it was before. If it was white, they want blue. If it was modern, they want classic. After your life has changed utterly, you might want to take your time to decide what you want. I know this, as I have lived with a few chairs, some kind of a sofa and a bed for a year. I didn't want to do anything until I came up with a design. I thought of making it a 50s look or making it look like my grand mother's house, or a clean, very sexy, rich look. I even bought dishes with roosters on them. I am a designer for a career, but like so many other recently single men it's hard to decide what your living space should be like. As a single man you want your home representing strength, success and integrity. It should feel comfortable and cozy, and also represent cleanliness and simplicity. The beauty of simplicity is just that simple.
We have been through so much, as men we just want to come home and be able to relax and rebuild our dreams, our lives with strength. I find myself talking in depth with single men, before I start designing a green environment for them. I would like to create a healthy designed home that is simple, clean and holds a sustainable value. This is why I created the beauty of simplicity - a series on designing for single fathers. A multi-part series discussing each room in depth including the outside. The ultimate single father design. The beauty of simplicity. Single fathers, we have arrived
When you introduce friends to your home, you want the front door to open and your place to represent who you are. Your entry starts the tour showing you have arrived, your living room is tastefully organic and clean with simple lines. The colors are subtle. The environment is inviting and warm, representing a strong man. The tour continues in a dining area that I personally enjoy designing. I prefer a feel that invites soft conversation and intimacy. Now we are getting a feeling of a home. A bedroom is my personal favorite, as I like to say. A man's bedroom tells who you truly are. Your bedroom design is humble, clean, well kept and inviting, but not a playboy presentation and it's off limits. Your kid's room is designed to his personality, that's it! We show our kids security and strength.
Your home as a single father shows who you are! A Single Father.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Melbourne Sectional

Robert Craymer of RC GREEN something new every day. This time he has done The Melbourne Design. Robert Craymer was aiming not only a functional and aesthetic design, but also a 100%natural frame and upholstery. It is really challenging to work with sensitive people. Every single detail should be watched carefully, as the well-being of a person is in your hand. What makes RCGREEN line absolutely unique is that Robert Craymer cares about his clients.

The Melbourne Sectional is absolutely unique! Its comfortable feeling warms you up. You may sink in the softness of the natural fabrics. It is made out out of organic cotton only. The reclaimed frames are upholstered with organic cotton, the seat cushions and the back cushions are stuffed with organic cotton too. Robert Craymer is so experienced and skillful in furniture production that he found his own ways of making comfort. Finally, the Melbourne sofa is just that a great aesthetic clean design. It is available in any organic canvasses, hemps, linens and bamboos.

Check out www. Keep following Robert Craymer on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, and look out for Robert craymer to be comming soon to your area.
check out his sminar series.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Robert Craymer Announces The Private Events

Robert Craymer turns his RC GREEN showroom into a Vip Event center, where people with certain interests can lounge in the private atmosphere and indulge the sustainable life style.
The RC Green Showroom is becoming the Private Event Center. Robert Craymer is partnering with the Palermo Entertainment Group to organize private events for people and companies who share the same ideas and interests in sustainable private evenings. Informal atmosphere, pleasant music, colorful dancers and organic catering will create a perfect place to lounge, enjoy the time, rest from the routine and meet and build new connections.

The Private Event will feature Robert Craymer's speeches. He will inspire his guests to live sustainable life style and educate them. He knows then anyone else that living a healthy life style is easy once you truly want it. The four essential things for it is air, water, movements, healthy food and comfort. comfort is offered by Robert Craymer in RC Green the private events.

His guests will be able to get the massage sessions upstairs and they will enjoy the life tunes from the personal Robert Craymer's selection. The bar will serve organic drinks and cater organic appetizers.

They are private events connected with Robert Craymer. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out all the details of receiving a private invitation.

The Aspen Table of the Emerald Line

Robert Craymer is proud to present his new design - The Aspen Dining Set. It is made out of the reclaimed wood, which is a hundred year old. Every peace of board was chosen carefully and put together to achieve the perfect result. The surface is smooth and in satin finish. The grain, some nuts and nails create a unique pattern of the table top, which looks absolutely gorgeous. The slim base supports 46 x 72 top. It seems that it is floating in the air, however it's the heavy peace of furniture. It is the great design. Robert Craymer and RC Green love it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Robert Craymer Focuses on sustainability

Robert Craymer of RC Green is scheduled for the busiest speaking 2010 tour. He will speak about green life style and what it means to be green. Between the breaks of the speaking events he will keep running his green showroom “RC GREEN” located in Los Angeles, CA. It has been renovated to a green design center and a certain place where green experts, consumers and designers float in to know about the hottest green products and Robert Craymer's newest designs.
RC Green became the expression of Robert Craymer’s own vision of the sustainable home with an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Furniture and furnishings and exclusive organic fabrics constitute the key elements of Robert Craymer’s collection. Robert Craymer with RC Green is pleased to offer an Interior Design Service, catering for clients who wish to achieve an exceptional style in the frames of sustainability.

Being the expert in the green design Robert Craymer gives his point of view on the color trends for 2010. He has noticed that green design has changed its positions tremendously. It has shifted from the level of the hottest trend to the standard throughout the design industry. Being proud to open his new fabric division he is able to dye his fabrics only with natural colors or use the natural color of the fabric itself. This will bring a lot of neutral colors back into play such as beiges, browns, greens and so forth. Earth’s elements linked to the earth’s resources are reflected in colors deriving from plants, minerals and dirt.

Sustainability is the imperative keyword. Robert Craymer's continuous efforts to make production more friendly to the environment and the success with which it is met by consumers is a ideal example bringing green design to our life style.

RC Green Kids Announces RC GREEN KIDS

Furniture has always been made with certain woods. Robert Craymer announces a new line of furniture - hip trendy made from 100 % reclaimed wood.
Robert's designs have been received as the next trend so here it is the next trend, and for kids now. We are all excited to see what Robert Craymer of RCGreen will come up with next. Don't forget to connect to Robert Craymer on face book and Robert Craymer on twitter.
Lately Robert Craymer has been inspired to design when asked why he looks long and deep thinks and you feel like he is taking you somewhere that only you and him are going,actually you are. Robert Craymer sees the world through eyes that no one else has. He has inspired so many people with his talks, with his designs and with his view of life.
When asked about his life Robert smiles and gazes and brings you into his person soul then he softly speaks and tell you life is a blank canvas every day and you and you alone are responsible to design it.
This new 2010 tour will be focusing on life issues and motivation personal choices. As a motivational speaker Robert Craymer has talked and guided many people into making choices that will benefit and inspire there lives.
Look for Robert Craymer coming to your city this year.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Robert Craymer of RC GREEN Announces his 2010 Speaking tour

Robert Cryamer of RC GREEN is announcing his platform for his 2010 Green Tour. The main key of that is explaining sustainability and developing the healthy lifestyle.

Being the expert of the green life
style and the founder of RC and the and RC Green TV room. Robert Craymer has been booked for the numerous Green Design Shows and Events.

What he thinks is that you can buy a green life, but you should live it. The green market has developed tremendously over the last couple of years. Robert understands that consumers are adjusting to these changes and developments. He will be educating consumers of what is green, what is good for all of us and what is good for the environment. Explaining the term "green" will help us make the right consumer choice, and the manufactures to make the proper product.
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Extraordinary in his way of thinking Robert Craymer does not follow the common rules, manufacturing standards and quality stamps. He says what he truly believes. His unique mind helps him breakthrough the consumer market and create a green speaking platform, the Green Guy in the Green world. Listen to him carefully explain sustainability and develop yourself a healthy life style as a way of life.

Robert Craymer Announces his Speaking Platform for the 2010 Green Tour

Robert Craymer of RC Green announces his 2010 Green tour. His question. What does it mean to be green? How are you green? And what is green? He will be speaking in depth on these subjects.
It is not a secret, Robert Craymer of RC GREEN is known as the Green Guy with a passion for us all to live a healthy green lifestyle. He has been gathering green followers around him for the last decade. His new speaking campaign, living green and how to connect to the green community. He will be educating us all on how to make a healthy consumer choice to better our lives and live in a sustainable environment.

Robert Craymer will be announcing his speaking calender shortly. Once again you will hear his commitment to sustainability and his passion to live a healthy green life style and you will be left with one choice "to follow him". Robert Craymer of RC Green will be explaining what it means for you to be green. He will also be touching such topics as "What does it meant to be connected to the green world?", "What can we make to manifest green way of life?", "What can make the difference in the sustainable world?"

Robert Craymer will share and passion his knowledge and he is looking forward to the start of the tour.He will be appearing across the US and Canada at numerous green shows, green events, colleges, building and design events.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Robert Craymer: The Mind Behind the Man

Robert Craymer announces a massive add campaign "The Mind Behind the Man" combining all the different companies, blogs, articles on Robert Craymer, his designs, his motivations and how he creates.

The mind behind the man. How did Robert Craymer create what he has created. How did he sit back and develop and design such beautiful creations combining all the elements of sustainability. What makes him tick? What motivates his passion? What behind this talented man who is filled with love and integrity.

When you view Robert Craymer's designs on this different websites you will notice that everyone has the same impression of Robert Craymer. He embodies the meaning of what it is to be a Designer. He stands in front of us all as a true icon in the design world.
He generously shares his experience and knowledge with his partners, his followers, his design students and anyone else who truly loves design. This is what it means to be Robert Craymer.

RC Green and Robert Craymer thank all the different websites, blogs and companies that have affiliated with him.
Please visit some of them:
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Be present, Be wise, Listen and truly smile.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Fabric Division

Robert Craymer is proud to announce RC Green will be opening the Fabric Division. It will be a new line of custom fabrics.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Sophia Sofa

The Sophia sofa is one of the newest designs of the Forest Line. In this line the great attention is payed to the details like buttons, curves, pillows.However the clean style of RC Green is always going to be the signature of the any product. The main feature of this line is that everything from little staples and screws to the fabric itself is made out of the recycled materials.
The new designs are coming soon.
Check the details at 300 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90036
323 933 6499

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Emerald Line

So many beautiful cities around the world that could inspire the talented Green Guy. Each place has a unique spirit that reflects in Robert's new designs. Cities have become the inspiration of the Emerald line. Being thrilled by the 2010 tour schedule, he can't stop creating. Robert is pleased to present his second choice for the Emerald Line - The Berlin, which is absolutely gorgeous. Robert says "The thoughts of a beautiful trip, meeting people and speaking about sustainability has put a smile on my face."

The Morocco

The Manhattan