Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hurricane Relief - Robert Crayer Life

Affected by the Hurricane? When you are ready, we will help. Deep discounts offered to disaster victims.
Robert Craymer Life offers eco-Positive furnishings, chemical and fire retardant free.
Any design you imagine - eco-positive for your life!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Eco-Positive Furnishings by Robert Craymer Life

ROBERT CRAYMER LIFE is a sustainable design company that specializes in eco-positive furnishings for your home, office, restaurant and yacht. Being a manufacturer of custom furniture, Robert Craymer Life controls all stages of production and its quality. A team of experienced designers, consultants and contractors will make a project run smoothly and look beautiful. We make our clients' dreams come true. Any style you desire, eco-positive for your life. Please contact us to learn more about what Robert Craymer Life can do for you!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Eco beds

October is for fireretardant free BEDS



As we know elegance and style is within the shape,style and ambiance it brings. Simple style with asthetic dimension and color are what defines elegance. Robert Craymer newest design.  All of RC Green Furniture is eco friendly/sustainable living.

To create this elegant bed, fire retardant free cottons foams are used.  There are no chemical woods glue used.  The inserts are all natural Latex and clean fire retardant free cotton clusters are used

  When you sleep on this bed ,made from, you will also have other benefits.

 *you are not sneezing. There are no headaches and  runny noses. No unexplained rushes of anxiety associated with fire retardant allergies. No hyperness associated with toxic poisoning which are in many pieces of furniture now.

This is also the month of Eco Friendly awareness!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Green business

Personality knowledge and integrity..
Ya gotta have many things to create a successful business ..
As a designer a business owner a factory owner and retail owner I have been around the block on this..

Creating a green business

So the passion and profitability of creating a green business..
You cannot slap a leaf on your logo or a little green bush add a few green words like Eco or sustainable and ever think you wi be excepted in the green community 

Bassett sofa we will custom it

So not only do we do our styles but we will custom anyone's sofas ,,, it's a sofa !why would you ever buy poison when can create the same furniture in a higher quality and most importantly with no chemicals or fire retardants to effect the health of you or your family..
Rcgreen .org
Robert Craymer 310 779. 6929

Fire retardant free no chemicals all custom only at